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Originally Posted by daddiozz View Post
Perhaps so assuming it were sales staff or upper management that was let go....on t5he other hand maintenance/service/support staff would continue to be needed regardless the economic climate.Those workers ,generally on the arse end of the pay scale woiuld continue to be employed and hired as replacements needed.I would imagin e there might be a high turnover rate .
The article is worded in a way that turnover is not the case. Although a part of that could be the place he opened in Las Vegas requiring more employees, still, doesn't fit with economy getting worse. What got worse for him was the economy before Obama. That is readily apparent in the decline in his personal wealth, and the laying off of 7000 of 12,000 employees. We can "what if" till the cows come home. The facts we have are he increased his number of employees by 40% under Obama. That is expansion at 10% per year and his letter states that the economy has gotten worse. He has hoisted himself with his own petard on this one.

People seem to forget how bad things were in late 2008 and early 2009. At least, I assume they forget.
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