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Originally Posted by efx View Post
So to triple check I sent an email to ehirobo and they were very fast in responding to my email and very nice. You skull and Mike you guys are correct, the wires can be facing to any side as long as the orientation on the gyro is set up correctly, or like on the manual as they said. I had to say this because for some reason I had a brain fart this morning and couldn't understand what the heck you guys were referring to when talking about "wire orientation" and that simply meant were you bring the wires out. So it looks like you can stick this inside or the sides. I'll be moving it lenghtwise so it's a little better. I'll guess I'll see what I can use to mount it. The cable ties do look ugly too so you guys convinced me a bit on that anyway. LOL Maybe I'll put it on top of the receiver to keep it nice and clean. Not sure since I need access to the plug and reset button.

Jombo I did reset the tx. Actually I was playing with the 9x and found that when you change from heli 1 to heli 2 mode, the programmer gets stuck so you have to go into the settings with the transmitter and then add the heli program again to make sure you have beginner settings or whatever.

Mike, it wasn't going sideways due to the current settings. I had to reset things again afer changing the heli type so it had default settings, but the link came off the second time around too so it could have been a combination of that and things going in the opposite direction but the sticks were working fine.
Thank you for your kind words. So you mean the heli go to left when you move the stick to right?
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