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Originally Posted by razorblade View Post

This evening I found my self reading the AR7200BX manual and came across some info that I thought you would find valuable so here are some quotes from the manual:

The DSMX remote receiver is often called a "satellite receiver" and reason for wanting one on a bigger heli is to improve signal diversity by introducing more antennas to prevent a black out due to a bigger heli having more "blind spots" so-to-speak.

There's a DX6i package that comes with a satellite receiver and rechargeable batteries. It costs bout $209. But that's a better price than buying these items separately.

So why is Resolution and Frame Rate important? Because you'd want a transmitter that matches well with the AR7200BX. Although my DX6i is working just fine with the AR7200BX, I currently do not know what the DX6i specs are for frame rate and resolution. The DX7s is speced at 11ms and 22ms frame rates and up to 2048 resolution.

The explanation of resolution gets more interesting...

I swear on the 4F200 with the Futaba S3154 cyclic servos, after I installed the AR7200BX, I was able to get more travel on the servos. This is comparing to when the Walkera 2601 TX was used with the S3154 servos. So I am guessing the DX6i has higher resolution than the 2601?

Still learning... I am.
I don't think Walkera publishes their specs on anything!! (bastards) So it's hard to say what the difference really is. It could use a different resolution all together knowing them. But i have always suspected that the Spektrum TX, even the DX6, would have a higher resolution than any of the WK radios. I wouldn't doubt if all of them are running at 1024. This is why i planned on getting a DX6 or 7 right out. Just to be 100% sure i will have compatibility with what I'm looking at getting.
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