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Originally Posted by Flyextreme View Post
At this point of my noobness, not having alot of time at the field, not yet getting things completely dialed in, and not having relocated my momentary switch to the left side, I have not been launching with a preset. Also, I've been thinking at this point to keep it as simple as possible so I can concentrate on keeping the plane in the air, and in one piece. It seems to be working fairly well so far.

I've been launching 3 different planes, and each launches a little different from the other.

Just to keep my question simple........

Does anyone "not" use preset?

Thanks, Bill
FWIW, I use some sort of launch preset, but it is not on a momentary switch. My plane is rudderless and I use the rudder stick -with reduced rate- to control the elevator on launches. So from the pic, I first hold the stick to the left, giving proper amount of up elevator -providing a great grip to the Tx as well-. Then when the plane has pitched up to a satisfied attitude I release the stick back to neutral. Then I start the pushup by pushing the stick to the right. This a very natural and with analog control throughout the launch process.
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