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Originally Posted by jedorme View Post
I should have clarified that I'm using Heading Hold as I'm using the T-28 as a test bed before I install a second Guardian & 2 more on order in some tail draggers that are a bit squirrelly on takeoffs. The HH works quite well to steer a straight line; it is just the problem of wanting to flatten out the rotation that is giving me the problem.

To help with the take-off you can program some up elevator into a mix on a switch. This will tell the Guardian to maintain a climb angle for take-off. The mix can also be used in flight to either climb or to maintain altitude when the throttle is reduced. Test it at altitude to check how much up elevator to program into the mix. When the amount is correct the plane will lift off by itself and look very scale.

I program three switches where each adds about 5% up elevator. Then I can decide how much I want by using one or more switches.

Just before the take-off run move the aileron/elevator stick to set the Guardian heading hold. That will help keep the take-off straight. You can still use the rudder to keep it straight.

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