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Hello, Steve, from Mobile, Alabama, USA!

Love your site, and have been spending far too much time poking around and downloading. You are doing for model airplanes what "Ye Olde Rocket Plans" and "JimZ" have been doing for a number of years with model rockets, and from this old fart...(cough)...uh, builder, it's much appreciated!

When I walk into the LHS these days, it saddens me to see the nearly-total absence of airplane KITS on the shelves. Twenty-odd years ago, when I worked a local shop, virtually every RC plane was still a kit. What little ARF stuff there was looked, felt, and fell out of their boxes, like cheap junk. It left a sour taste in my mouth for the whole idea of it. I have the same feeling for the crop of ARF and RTF rockets that are out there today, too.

A large problem is the lack of building skills among young people getting into the hobby today, and I think this carries over into a lack of appreciation for hand-made things. They take for granted that someone has to build their toys, but it never crosses their mind how it's done, or that they might one day need to do it. That's the consequence of a throw-away society. Toss it when it breaks (even just a little) and get a new one.

I'm an old fart and proud of it! I like to build, even if I'm not that good at it. I know how to cut myself with an X-Acto, and how to glue my fingers together quite well with CA. Believe it or not, I'm even getting more satisfaction using slow-cure Titebond, waiting for the glue to dry, instead of the "instant gratification" of CAs.

Like others have posted, I check the site several times a day. I keep looking for a couple of plans to models I bought back in the seventies (VECO/Dumas Piper Cub, anyone?); but I'm always finding something of interest. The plan for the "Snow White" was outstanding, such a pretty plane. Maybe one day I can attempt it for myself!

One thing I've noticed about a few of these downloads, however. I run Linux Mint, and have had some problems with plans coming up completely blank, or even causing my computer to get horribly sluggish, as either "Document Viewer" or even "The GIMP" try to resolve the images. It's a seemingly random issue, and most of the images appear without a problem at all. Only a few are misbehaving. Perhaps if you had the files tested on a Linux machine before posting, to make sure everyone can see them?

Keep the plans coming, Steve. I love what you've done with the place!

Craig McGraw
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