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Originally Posted by slothy89 View Post
EDIT: Sorry the title may imply I am an experienced 6CH 3D heli pilot, I meant to say experienced 4CH FP heli

I have a simple question for the experienced Plank flyers to answer for me.

I am a well developed 4ch heli pilot, and am also starting to get into Micro Quads (eg Walkera Ladybird). But after reading more and more about 6ch helis, I have decided that they just are not for me, and instead fixed wing is going to be my way to go, just seems so much nicer to fly forwards than like an angry mosquito on Speed!

I have been thinking and reading about the differences between a 3ch trainer (Rud/Elev or Aile/Elev) as well as the standard 4ch plane. But I can't decide which is likely to be the best starting point to get into flying planes. I can easily fly my heli's (up to 300 size) with banked turns in both directions, and coordinating Rudder, Aileron and Elevator is not a problem. My 300 size heli in particular flies very similar control input wise to a plane.

I have both Phoenix 4 and RealFlight 5 at my disposal to aid in learning.

I just want to know what the best setup is for someone with my basic experience to learn to fly planes. I preferably would like something that can grow with me and continue to be fun after I learn the basics. A good example of what I DON'T want is say learning heli's with a 3ch coax. Those things are tame and boring after 5-6 flights.

A couple planes I have considered are the Bixler 2 from HobbyKing, or the HK Tuff Trainer

Note that I am Australian, so US Suppliers are not preferable as shipping is usually expensive. Plus I am looking to go Spektrum or Futaba for radio setups, so BNF or ARF is also something to consider. Or at least DSM2/X, FASST or AnyLink compatible RTF
Are you planning on having just one plane ? I like having a variety of planes to fly - a relaxing slow flyer ( great for flying at night with LED lights ) , a 3D plane capable of doing tricks , a fast adrenaline rush jet , etc.

If you think you'll have multiple planes , start with the Tuff Trainer because it will be the easiest to learn on , and then for your second plane get a 4 channel ( like a 3D plane ) to learn ailerons , and then a jet , and then ......
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