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Originally Posted by Highfly! View Post
Hmm, this is the first time I read about the need for setting up the incidence on the Osiris. Was there a problem with the model or is it based on personal preferences? How do you change the incidence when the stab is already glued into place and the wings are fixed?
The problem was with the model not personal preference. I was disappointed that I had to adjust the incidence. The wings had a negative incidence relative to the horizontal stab. It was almost like the wing mounts of the fuse were put in the jig upside down.
I described the problem and flying characteristics in an email to customer service. After no replay in 4 business days. I tried calling for another 2 days to talk to customer service. Noll felt it was my set up. It wasn't.

I sent 2 pms to AJ to ask about the incidence and trimming issues but received no answer after a week. It was at that point that I decided to make the adjustment myself. I did not pm Ben.

I searched the forums and found one started by PatternFlyer that had the same problem with his 62" Osiris. I contacted him to see how he resolved the issue.

My horizontal stab was glued in place so I could not make changes. Relative to the canopy, one side of the stab was at 0.0 and the other side was +.25. All I needed to do was adjust the wings to be +.5 degrees relative to its corresponding stab.

I drilled holes in 1/32" light ply strips to fit the wing mounting pins. I then slid the wing as close as possible to the fuse, put glue on the light ply stripes, adjusted the wing to the correct incidence, and pushed the wing to the fuse. The light ply was then glued to the fuse at the right incidence. After the glue dried the wing was at the correct incidence. I later cut light ply to fill the rest of the wing pocket and covered the pocket with white covering. The fuse looks like it came from the factory that way.

I like 3DHS planes and would buy another Osiris. In fact, this is my second Osiris. I will probably buy a 2M when they come out. I also have a 42" slick. Something happened during manufacturing with this plane and rather that take several more weeks to resolve the issue with customer service, I decided to fix it myself.
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