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Originally Posted by MARCOELDRAGON View Post
I go to bed for 7 hours and come back to 2 pages of posts. Thanks for the comparison pics those may have helped me to decide what my next plane is going to be. Glad the Omega 130 is a mortor and not hand grenade or mine would have blown up long ago. He also said he "odered" one. I thought maybe it was making a funny smell.

I did miss you guys while I was away sulking.

The wife told me this morning that since I had been a fairly good boy I could have any plane I wanted for Xmas. That got my mind racing for a few minutes. Dang, not enough room in my hobby room for a 104". Then reality hit me and it is going to have to be something that I can fit in my car easily without the need for vaseline and a shoehorn. I have the choices narrowed down to 3. 59" Slick, 58" Edge, and 51" Slick.
I personally believe that everyone should have experienced a 51" Slick at least one point in their life. So I'd be a big proponent of making that your next purchase. After that... start thinking 71" Slick! Or 57" Extra or 58" Edge... so many choices!
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