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Originally Posted by cherbini View Post
Hey All,

Just ordered a SkySurfer from RMRC and the outrunner pod from smallpartscnc. I'm going to load it up with FPV and autopilot/telemetry, etc...

My trusty easystar lost the rudder servo in flight and absolutely augered into the ground from 100ft.

I have the 2200kv inrunner from HK that was in the ez, a 850kv outrunner from a quad, and the 1200kv Ritewing OEM motor from my ZII that had a good life and quick death.

I'd like to know if the ritewing motor swinging an 8x6 or so would just be too much for a loaded down SkySurfer? I think the 850kv would be a bit of a slug, but the 2200kv inrunner worked OK in the loaded down ez using a 6x4. I was using a 3s 2600mah lipo in the ez, and planned on using a similar battery in the SS.

I appreciate your opinions!
The only motor that will work with your stock configuration is your 2835-2200 in-runner OR get that motor mount that 2500GENE suggested.
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