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When I got back from the company today and turned on the dirt road which leads to my home, I saw this little sucker run across the road.
I live way out, little dogs do not survive out here, they just do not exist.
So I stoped and had a look. A tray of dog food, empty except for scraps, a tray of water, half full and about 2 days worth of tracks..
First I tried to call him, no chance he was scared and agressive. So I let Dumpster out and tried to get him to come, no way.
So I drove to the house got some bacon and a beer and than went back.
I should have taken 2 beers, it took 2 hours to finally have him eat the bacon out of my hand and give me a chance to grab him behind his neck.
He is very scared and defenciv, biting.
So I carried him dangling from his neck, trying to bite my hand, climb the barbwire fence and than rather unceremoniasly dumped him into my van and drove home.

Some kinde Jack Russel thing. All teeth, Piranyana looking like a dog.

At home I god the dog carrier out, got a towel, threw it over him and stuffed him in the carrier..
He loved the food he got.

Sidewalk, my Old Lady is not to happy, Dumpster sits in front of the cage, what is that, a new toy ?

I guess I got a new family member.

Gone take a few weeks to rehab him. Vet needs to check him out.

Since I found him under an Oak Brush, I will call him Oak Brush.

I had a Roadside, great little Bitch, so that name is already taken.

New family member, I guess
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