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Originally Posted by jedorme View Post
For a tail dragger, I haven't really thought out the issue of rotation, as maybe once the tail is up & the Guardian is happy with the level flight position, it will just fly off with some added up elevator. Has that been the experience of those using 3D HH when taking off a tail dragger with the Guardian on?

With my Formosa taking off in 3D HH it pretty much drags the tail until lift-off. (I pre-set it to climb out attitude.) Not very scale, but the fastest way off for a plane with plenty of power. Taking a small plane off rough gravel, keeping it on the ground for a long roll with the tail up gaining speed isn't going to look prettier or work better, it just beats the plane up and isn't necessary.

I can see, however, where someone with a larger, more scale plane taking off asphalt may want a longer roll with the tail up for aesthetic reasons or if the plane needs to gain speed. In that case it seems like 2D HH would work better if you can get the level attitude set right, then a gentle pull on the stick for lift-off.
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