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Originally Posted by PeterVRC View Post
I think your 'flow rate through a pipe' is also amiss.
It will still alter according to pressure.
Very low pressure and the confines become negligible... very high pressure (especially getting to levels of 'forcing' it through under serious pressure) and you have added/increased back pressure restrictions.
I doubt the formula is inversely linear. That formula would be a general formula not covering operations outside... umm, 'normal'. (a certain... who knows how wide.... range).

You qualified with 'no extra entry/exits'... it should also have pressure included.
If you really wanted... add in 'wall/surface friction', lol. (not worth worrying about, unless massive pressure)

And temp and Alt are not all that alter density. They are just the common things.
Just FORCE something through somewhere, and that is a far more significant density changer! And that is exactly what we are doing in an EDF.

Chew on this for a while.

We are not working with more than a few tenths of an ounce in pressure in the 70mm fan at 600 watts.

Ok please school me on what variables define air being used in context in our fan?

Eric B.
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