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This next story is 'sort of' workshop related so bare with me.

I have a 14 year old recliner that I love. Fits me like a glove. Got it at Sam's Club for $300. It is not a masterpiece of craftsmanship and the covering is leather blend stuff. The years are showing (tears, stains, lumps) and we all agree it is time for a new one.

My wife and kids gave me a Father's Day gift of "Go Buy A New Recliner"...but after several months of looking in MANY stores (expensive and cheap), I could not find one that I liked. There was a nice one made by FlexSteel that looked similar to our couch but it was over $1000!! No thanks. I also went to a few upholstery shops and both said the chair frame was 'cheap' and that recovering it would cost more than $700-$800. I love the chair...but not THAT much.

Today, I picked up another Sam's Club recliner for $400. It looks good in the den but it doesn't feel quite right (yet). Maybe I need to squish down the foam and leather for a few days to see if it forms to my butt (and my short legs). Testing in progress.

Why did I bore you with this? Well, it's how I feel about the height of my future counters and workbench. After reading all the good advice you guys have been sharing, I can't decide which height is the right fit for me. As a 5' 4" (formerly 5' 5") guy, tall counters are not good for me when I sit. And, since I tend to sit more when I build, it makes sense to bring the counter height back down.

I have the option right now to customize everything in the shop for "ME". I think I'll try EJ's idea and set up tables at different heights and give them a try. I built my son a little desk using a broken cubicle counter and installed IKEA adjustable legs. I'll take it out to the backyard and put a 2'x6' piece of wood on it and see how it feels. I'll probably shoot for 34" and see how that goes.

The workbench is very important for this shop so I'll start working on the plans and let everyone chime in on their ideas (and hopefully praises).

And now some QUESTIONS!!

Question #1: Do you guys use peg boards to hold your tools? If not, how do you store your tools around your workshop?

Question #2: Anyone using a dust collector in their hobby room?

Question #3: Stool or chair? With or without wheels?

Question #4: Do you use a dry erase white board?

Question #5: Anyone using a mini-split A/C unit in their workshop? Model? Opinion?

Question #6: Someone mentioned mats on the floor. Use them? Type?

And please share your workshop photos!
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