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Originally Posted by PeterVRC View Post
I hear people say EDF's are not a 'Compressor'... but just a pump.
How can something that speeds up air flow, and feeds that into stationary air, NOT get back pressure... and thus increase pressure... like a Compressor?
It must.

It may not be DESIGNED to mimic what a jet engine compressor compresses air down to... but it still does compress it.
And this air compression... density.... must come into play in the output... the maths... of it all...

CFM doesn't state what density the fluid had. It tends to just be a measure of "you moved this much of that item" and assumes the item was the same.
But denser air is not the same as less dense air....
Here again we are not breaking new ground, the laws of physics and specifically Bernoulis equation states that flow rate inversely changes proportional to the change in area if there is no other entry/exits available. This is basic pipe engineering when figuring flow rates of liquids, fluids and gases thru pipe.

Albeit there is a pressure component but at ,033 ft^2 for the outlet area it figures out to be less that .4 ounces. Do the math.

To get the mass flow rate of CFM there are three components Density, Area, and velocity so Density is definitely coupled into mass flow. Where did you get that it was nto a part of the equation?

Eric B.
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