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Originally Posted by amiga2000 View Post
Hey Bandit experts. I just have to get one !!! I do have to try and do it on the cheapish. I'm looking at a HK NTM Pro Drive 900 KV

Does anyone have experiance with fitting this motor. I'd like to use it but wonder if the motor box would need modification. Thanks for any help.

Originally Posted by demonGti View Post
Hi amiga, I have no experience with this motor, but the mount holes are 25x19. So you would need to drill the CF motor mount which is not advisable.
Originally Posted by amiga2000 View Post
Thanks. It might be wiser then to get the iPA and source alternate servos to keep everything as it should be.
I drilled my front plate and also enlarged the shaft hole since I fitted a collar to the front of my motor (not really needed) of choice. I ran around 950w (motrolfly 2820-950 on 4s spinning an APC 13x6.5) for several months before settling on my current setup (same motor 3s APC 14x7 or 15x6) which does 650w. I've not had any issue with cracking or weakness of the motor mount. But in saying that during assembly I thinned some epoxy with acetone and gave the whole motor mount a light coat with a heavy coat around all the joints etc..

The Motrolfly 2820-950 is actually a pretty good option marginally heavier than the Thrust but more power for the same prop and batt config (mainly due to the higher KV), and combined with a Turnigy 60a Plush and some Turnigy Blue batteries it makes for a pretty good cheaper setup. Especially since from the Australian supplier SC Models it's only $60 incl postage, so yes more than the NTM but still way cheaper than the PA Thrust. You do need to open the hole through which you install the motor slightly, but it's not hard.
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