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Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post
It's been a while. But i believe you turn on the TX. Go to Stick menu. Change "ID BIND" to "Random" (it should be random already) and then turn off your TX and plug in the battery on your heli. When the heli turns on the RX light will be flashing. Turn on your TX and the heli will bind to the TX like normal. Go into the stick menu after binding and change it to "ID BIND". A random number will be used or you can set your own. It will ask for "ID MATCH?" you press the ent button and it will begin sending the ID to the RX. Once it has completed The RX has received the ID code. Unplug the heli and plug it back in. It should bind immediately to the RX. ........ But that manual is hard enough to translate, someone should have been hired that can write English, instead of Chinglish. Because no one understands what they are saying in their manuals!
@ Integrity...
Thanks for the all procedure, I will try it out on Rx 2702 first, but I'm wondering if I could do it on Rx2614 too (V400D02 Rx) by usind the Tx WK-2801, It make sense? V400 manual doesn't mention anything about that anyway... I will update you later on.
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