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Originally Posted by sirbow2 View Post
hah yeah. on the second throw in the vid i forgot to turn back the pot im using for variable throw.

also the horiz stabler isnt in 90deg relative to the fuse (band saw isnt cutting straight ) relative to the pilot, it is tilted ~<10deg to the right.
We've all done that. It should work fine. It is a variation on the "V" tail concept, call it a "virgule" tail or "back slash" tail if anyone questions it.

I never have landing gear on my planes so I always do test glides or low power test glides over deep soft weeds before a first flight. You can see so much in the few seconds that takes.

Just give it a not too hard, level, full arm push launch into the breeze and watch first second or two from directly behind. It should start settling to the ground staying level. If it falls off to one side or the other a little, you can just ignore that for now. If the nose pitches up it is tail heavy and if it does a "lawn dart" out of you hand it is nose heavy.

Sometime a low power test launch will look good and you can just add a couple of clicks of throttle and it is flying straight away from you. I usually leave the throttle alone and let it continue a slow climb as I make any necessary rudder and elevator trim adjustments.

Good luck with it!

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