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Originally Posted by Rafael23cc View Post
rotoraddict: You need to chill a little, you are starting to sound like a cheerleader for Century. Read closely. He used the term gas helicopter but in fact is asking about 50 or 60 sized nitros.

rhodestimm: Giving us an indication of your budget might help narrow down the options. You could scratch off the 60 size. Very few manufacturers make that size anymore. You are either looking at a 30, 50, 90, gas (gasoline & oil mix) or turbine. You already took out the electrics. Electrics have a much wider selection as far of sizes is concerned.

What happened to your Evo? I still have my Sceadu 50 flying.

Good advice relative to his budget, selection, etc.

I assumed he was looking at gasoline powered helis because he stated how shocked he was at the cost of nitro engines and nitro fuel. That seems to be the major reason why fellas are now turning to the 600/700 sized gasoline powered helis now.

As for the Evo Sceadu - I had one for many years and I have to agree, that it was a good solid platform in its day. Unfortunately, like most other 50 sized nitros of that era, they are now far outclassed by the selection of 600/640 sized helis (nitro, electric & gasser) that are available today.
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