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irodrigo, the price point should be the same as the 1700MM P-47 and P-51. Around $400 + shipping.

HLC SHOP, FMS stopped focusing on the development and progression of their 1700MM series when sales dramatically decreased. They sited both stagnant world economy and complaints that the 1700's were too difficult to transport. So they began to focus on their top sellers which is the 1400 series hands down.

This might explain the lack of R&D in the 1700s even though they have continued to upgrade the 1700's (see the P-51 retracts as a good example), just not with the full attention and focus they might have if these were their top sellers.

The F4U-4 Corsair was going to be a big deal until the above took place and their focus shifted. They still decided to release the Corsair, unfortunately with more testing and research needed for the hub/cowl/prop setup. They focused so much on getting the retracts correct for this plane that I think they let the other vitally important issues slip by without further R&D, engineering and testing.

So far, in the limited flights I have had with two of these Corsairs, it looks like they got the retracts right. Very, very stout. Of course, none of that matters if you have exploding props and hubs mid-flight.

I wish the proper R&D, engineering and testing would have been complete out of the gate for all of the 1700's but I do applaud them for continuing to right the wrongs and improve the quality and safety of a series of product they admit are not selling well. I for one prefer the size of these 1700's and am thankful they are continuing to offer them, even in limited models to choose from.
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