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3D Prints for FPV based aircraft of all types

Upon request I have started this thread to discuss the production of 3D printed components to make FPV life easier. I shall post a few pics tomorrow of the back catalogue of designs I have, feel free to discuss and request designs.


Update 19-10-2012

Available now:

All parts available in Black or White!

Turnigy 9X DL V1 & V2 mounts (which I also believe serve JR Style radios, though this is untested) 20 + P&P

Name: Screen Shot 2012-10-19 at 19.28.48.png
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Name: Screen Shot 2012-10-19 at 19.28.07.png
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Hitec Aurora A9 DL V1 & V2 mounts 20 + P&P

Name: Screen Shot 2012-10-19 at 19.29.14.png
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DOSD Cases (available exclusively at

Name: IMG_2642.jpg
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Name: IMG_2640.jpg
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Soon to come, Futaba DL Tx Mounts

Mini Skywalker motor mount (Hole size and spacing is easily adjusted for your needs). 5 + P&P
Name: IMG_2610.jpg
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Name: IMG_2608.jpg
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Name: IMG_2611.jpg
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Printable P&T Mounts coming soon (All pictures shown here are representative of the final product, Minor changes to the design may apply, pictures will be updated accordingly);

Standard disk crash proof Pan & Tilt (inc hardpoint)
Name: IMG_2649.jpg
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Name: IMG_2651.jpg
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Size: 121.4 KB
Wing barrel Tilt (inc hardpoint)
Name: Screen Shot 2012-10-19 at 17.03.58.png
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Name: Screen Shot 2012-10-19 at 17.03.12.png
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Keychain cam universal enclosure (jurys still out on #18)
Keychain cam enclosure standalone hardpoint
Bixler 2 replacement canopy (similar to the standard disk type) Pan & Tilt.
Belly dome Pan & Tilt (will only fit board cam of overall dimension 32.4mmX32.4mm and 2mm mounting hole spacing 27.5X27.5), Custom version for Hobbyking Reaper also available.
Name: Screen Shot 2012-10-16 at 06.16.10.png
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Soon to come after;

Easystar 2 replacement canopy P&T
Easystar 2 replacement canopy P&T Gopro
Easystar 2 replacement canopy P&T Super Starlight camera (security2000)
Gopro wing barrel tilt
Gopro & standard flight cam wing barrel tilt
Standard disk crash proof Gopro unit
Wing barrel P&T

Take your pic, The Gopro enclosures take a nakid gopro but will have mounting options If you want to move the lens cover over from your waterproof housing. Also, these mounts will only work for Gopro versions;
HD Hero
HD Hero 2

It will not accommodate the latest three Gopro units (White, Silver and Black if im not mistaken)

I will do a price guide soon as well, also, size and weight specifications. I will add all this information when it is available to the first page of this thread. Watch this space.

Update 21-10-2012

More future releases;
Belly drop down P&T (retractable for belly landings!)
The Arrow (preview pictures to come soon)

Update 26-10-2012

Dragonlink V2 Tx module adapter for Turnigy 9X an JR radios. Now in black

Name: IMG_2732.jpg
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Description: Name: IMG_2733.jpg
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Name: IMG_2734.jpg
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Description: Name: IMG_2735.jpg
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Update 31-10-2012

The DOSD Case now in black , There is a slight marbling effect in the top and bottom of the cases, such is the nature of the printer, The parts are printed into a very thin film of ABS, I can't use coloured ABS for this film as the impurities (colourings) prevent adhesion, so the film is natural white ABS. This is washed over with Acetone to dissolve the White ABS, diminishing this effect. The pictures below paint a better picture. Either way, Black cases are very cool. Soon to be available at

Name: IMG_2757.jpg
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Name: IMG_2758.jpg
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Name: IMG_2759.jpg
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Update 4-11-2012

The fruits of my labour, personified in a camera mount, I present the hobbyking Reaper Pan and Tilt camera dome, specifically designed to suit the airframe as showcased by my customer and good friend, RCMonster99

Reaper MQ-9 reveal (2 min 12 sec)
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