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The longer the lever the more weight or torque you have on the object. But what you are getting confused with is: How much distance the gimbals move with a 1/2 inch movement with a two inch stick versus a one inch stick with the same 1/2 inch movement. The lever or fulcrum point on the 1/2" stick is closer to the fulcrum point, so the movement at the gimbals is more.

Sounds weird, but for a sloppier feel go with the longer stick, it takes more stroking to get it to move! Ha-Ha-Ha!

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Are you sure you don't have it backwards? Its like a lever on a fulcrum, right? The longer the lever the more torque and lift movement you will be able to produce at the opposite end. The shorter the lever the less movement and exponentially less lifting force also.

In either case, if i'm wrong. The fact still remains that it is VERY common for people using mode 2 TX to input unintentional rudder on their collective stick. Making it shorter was a recommendation i got somewhere and it helps. Now i honestly switch from thumbing and griping. I HATE using a neck strap because my hands are too big i guess. I see a lot of people using a neck strap. It just gets in my way. I can thumb or grip without a strap. So each person will be different. That much is for sure.
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