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Originally Posted by Heli Biggie View Post
Sorry about the wreck integrity! You get more flight in a week than i do in a month. I do love the v450 frame, i was thinking about putting all my v400 electrics in one. i stared at 4 am so at 12 i was ready to fly. I got 4 batteries In a row, itwas windy but the v450 didnt care. My throttle with the stock esc and align motor is topped pit at 70! I wonder why such a change, with motor. I use to run 90%.
the nano is really small at fun . I can now hover inverted at eye level. Maybe i will do with bigger heli soon,
LOL, you know me. The v450 was back together an hour later and ready to fly the next day after work. My current plan is to invest in a DX7 or DX8. MAYBE the 8 because it has 3 idle up switches and i do love me some governor mode! So that would be just wonderful to have! Plus 3 pitch and throttle curves for each mode too. It's just expensive. Once i have that i will buy a 7200BX and decide what helicopter kit to get. Right now i'm leaning strong toward that CopterX/Align 600 hybrid heli. But honestly i'm not too keen on running 2 pack helis just yet. So i'm still eyeballing the X5 hard core. I mean i almost feel like if i'm going to go to a 600+ size i might as well go with the Align 800, right? Since we're all living in fantasy land over here.

Either way, i can say this much. I'm POSITIVE my old rx was bunk as hell! This new one is even working better as far as the gyros. Which were really pissing me off on my old RX! This new one is totally reacting different in the wind and everything. It has more correction and movement from the gyros! The old one hardly moved the servos at all. After 10 packs i hope it stays this way. Because this is around the time, last time i tried this rx, that all the inconsistencies started showing up again and then the blackouts too. Should be good now because i defaulted the ESC and am using proper settings that i know are safe and the motor and esc are running cool. Unlike last time, i think i was so frustrated and had no confidence that the RX would solve the problem too. I didn't give it a good chance, and i should have reset my ESC but didn't. If that was the problem the whole time, it's just crazy because there is no signs of damage or any logical reason this would happen. The RX must just loose power or over heat or something weird and it was shutting me down at totally random times. I can't tell you how happy i am this last crash was actually my fault! Now i just have to get a new RX for it. The question is do i just get a new 2702V, while they are still available in stores. Or do i just wait and get a 7200BX when i get a spekrum TX? In either case a nano is in my future too i think everyone is really looking like they love theirs. Plus some times, i would love to be able to fly indoors and not worry about going to a field or park.

Now with the Trueblood hard dampers and CF blades with the new RX. The heli is actually flying pretty nice. The question will be if it can keep up with me and what i'm trying to translate from the sim! It's nice the repairs are so cheap. If the gyros and heli will perform now. Perhaps i can advance like i want. The damn thing still won't piro inverted correctly though.... Still working on that. So until i can hammer that issue down the V450 might still be slotted for sale! Because if i can't do that, i can't trust it for inverted circuits either.
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