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The club I belong to uses Yahoo groups for regular contact and Google places for FTP (website) space.

I've been thinking about mentioning Facebook as an group contact, show off to the public thing.

it must also be known that most ISP's provide a certain amount of FTP space with your account.

it's usually not a whole a lot of space mind you. usually way less than a gig. (which isn't a whole lot nowadays)
but you use your free FTP, fill out your raw text Http and what not are remote linked from photobucket of flicker, picasso, what have you photo server, then regester a dot com that directs the traffic to the original FTP.

sound complicated? it really isn't... it's just a matter of keeping track of addresses, and all the word processing programs will encode your pages in HTML for you..

that's called WYSISYG, what you see, is what you get, or, pronounced in internet speak, wizzywig. an updating and managing a website is really no more difficult nowadays than making a post here with imbedded pictures.

it's kinda fun actually.
by the way, these forums function under another protocol known as PhP.

BUT! and here is my big ole butt again... social media things like face book are more interactive, and direct, usually provide everything you are looking for and have built in direct access to a far greater audience of likely viewers. and chances are that most of your club members have an account already.
all that really takes is setting up a group page and have your users.. like it.
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