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QUOTE=Rockin Robbins;22974317]And to be fair, if something has a one in a thousand chance of happening, like the collision at an intersection, the math doesn't work out that it is a statistical certainty by 1,000 tries. It's closer to 2,000 tries before the bang is a statistical certainty. But in my example, instead of running 10 stop signs per day, the guy was running 50. He actually listened and changed his ways, unlike some of the people in this thread.

Risk tolerance is something we determine for ourselves. But we tend to do it poorly. We are all concerned about some things that don't happen very often, while we blow off lightning hazard, for instance, which kills 10,000 people a year. I assure you nobody in Florida, where I live, takes lightning lighrly. We are the lightning capital of the world.[/QUOTE]

Your facts and figures may prove something ,but there're to many variables, sure you lessen the chance of your milk carrier having a collision at a cross road by obeying a stop sign but you then increase the chance of some MoFo running up the rear of your stationary cart because it's stopped at a stop sign early in the morning
For every collision you prevent your precious statics will more than likely show a corresponding causation /increase in other accidents.
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