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New motor testing, BE CAREFUL

Today my 2815 4800kv motor arrived

Supposedly this is only rated for 39A, but commenters claim to have run it over 60 without issues. Don't know for how long though.... My plan is to fly it first with 3S and then (gently) 4s.

Also got a spare 64mm housing:
This requires long mounting screws, but the stock one is fine for now so will just keep this as a spare.
and 7-bladed fan:
I forgot to order a long shaft adapter so this will have to wait :/
Supposedly this pulls an insane amount of amps at higher RPMs so it may end up as workshop decoration.

Wanted to test the (static) Amps and Watts with the new motor vs the old, here are the results:
Stock stinger motor (advertised as 4300KV) and stock 5-blade fan
3s: 280W 26A
4s: 350W 35A

2815 4800kV
3s: 300W 30A
4s*: 350W 30A
*I wimped out at 1/2 throttle, she was SCREAMING and I could barely hold on without deforming the ducting.

When testing the stock motor on 4S at near WOT the fan pulled the crimp-on fan mount right off the motor shaft. I was wearing eye protection but not a glove and the edge of the fan wacked my palm pretty good at damn near full speed (50,000+ rpm). I was expecting to see big gashes in my hand, very luckily it was a glancing blow and all I have are some VERY shallow, thin cuts and pretty nice pain for about 10 minutes. Tomorrow probably bruising, but thank god nothing worse.
For the next tests I screwed down the fan nut harder and wore a thick leather glove (also a full face shield over my safety glasses).
So take car with these things, you may not be as lucky as I!!!
At least I can now report that the pitch of the stock fan blades is ~1" :P

Funny thing about this motor is there's no c-clip on the fan side of the shaft, so if you push on the fan the motor can pushes back, under spring loading (see 3rd pic). Since the fan's force is pulling this shouldn't ever be an issue but I haven't seen this before.

Test was done with a 40A Turnigy Plush ESC but I'll use an extra 65A FMS, mounted outside the fuse.
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