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Maiden and it was good

Ok, so I did the maiden on my Bixler 2 today --- after flying several Bixlers and Sky surfers -- maybe 200 or more flights over the past year -- a Bixler has become like an extension of my hand.

Contrary to what has been said -- The Bixler 2 has the same pull or power on launch as the Bixler 1 -- but does not have the top end speed as the Bixler

1. Our of hand launch is absolutely identical at full throttle. The lower Kv is perfectly matched by the increase in prop diameter. That said -- I throw away the stock prop and only use APC -- so I can't compare performance with stock props. I think too many NOOBs are getting the impression the stock motor is inadequate -- it is not. If you want something fast -- why not go for the Dynamic-S -- which is fast and fun -- but more expensive -- but after the time and money to replace the motor -- you'd probably be much happier with the Dynamic-S if it's speed you want. You'd be happier with the Bixler 2 if you are learning to fly or want a versatile airframe.

Mixing the flaps to the ailerons is a blast! I have three position switch. pos 1 is mixed with ailerons -- pos 2 is neutral -- and position 3 is a slow deploy to full flaps.

I had to mix 15% down elevator with the flaps and put both of them on a slower setting -- so they deploy over 2 seconds. With this setting I can fly down the runway waist high so slow it's ridiculous. Then flip them up, power up .. flip them to mix and roll like a drill.

To get axial roll I had to put a bit of differential in. Mine rolls better to the right than the left .

The control surfaces DO flex at higher speeds. Get a friend with a good fast zoom lens and pull out of a dive near him/her - while they shoot pictures of hte pullout. I need to address this for sure.

The idea of needing to replace the motor is silly. I hand launch with my right hand with my left hand on Right stick until I can get my hand in place. NO problems. Alternatively -- You can make a switch that will give you about 20% up elevator and hand launch with that deployed -- switching it off as soon as you get your hand in position. If you've got er9x radio you can set the switch to go off as soon as you move the elevator. I'm not sure about programming other radios.

This IS a good platform for FPV - as it will fly very slow and stable. I bought a second Fuse that I'll cut the top off of he nose and replace with a flat depron/thin ply platform for mounting camera.
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