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now, back to building Das Boot !

so now I have decided it is time to tackle the dreaded prop shaft struts,
as well as the 'anti-fouling' doodles that go from the thrust bearing, around the prop, and end at the dive plane pivots.
I am convinced these were designed to keep cables and netting and such from fouling the props or stern planes.
Photo shows the parts mocked up in cardstock, to determine size, length, and the location of hull access points.

I chose some .064 thick brass strip and plate - strip for the struts, plate for the anti fouling gizmos.
One strut will enter the hull through a slot and get fiberglassed to the inside.
Or maybe I better 'glass in a bracket, and bolt the strut to said bracket ?
other strut will attach to the keel with a teeny tiny bolt, nut, washer.

Both struts and the antifouler must Solder to the brass tube that holds the thrust bearings, just in front of the prop.

I am not looking forward to soldering FOUR seperate bits of brass to each other, let me tell you !
maybe I should build a wooden Jig to hold all four parts in alignment whilst heat and solder are applied ???
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