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Wiggle Waggle Woes

I'm at my wits end, so I've come to you, almightly heli gurus, for help. I currently have an HK450V2, that I have never been able to keep from tail wagging.

I'm using an assan GA250 gyro, and an older 72mhz JR X388S radio. I currently have the radio set to use the Aux2/Rudder dual rate switch to control the gyro.

I have set the rudder dual rates (supposed to be the gain), from 0 to 100%, and everywhere in the middle. It seems to have no effect at all on the tail. I've also tried the rudder travel adjustment, no effect. I've heard that the gear channel travel adjustment will sometimes control gain, so I've set that from 0 to 100 and everywhere in the middle. No effect.

on the gyro side, I've tried various end points, and every delay setting available. The delay setting changes the waggle a bit, but it still does it.

It will also wag it's tail even while in rate mode, which is really strange. I'm beginning to suspect a faulty gyro/damaged gyro. I had a "hard landing" a couple weeks ago, and the impact somehow reset all the gyro settings. It still seemed to work fine, but the wag got 10x worse afterwords (though it has always been there). Does anyone have any ideas? I've tried about everything I can think of, and I'm about to start replacing parts.
Thanks all.
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