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Originally Posted by Leather Helmet View Post
I sincerely hope that Ryan wipes the floor with that amiable idiot,Biden. Then Romney continues to wipe the floor with Obama, in their second debate. I served my country, and traveled the world, and have seen the conditions in other countries. I for one, do not want this country following down the path of destruction Obama has put us on. I want my kid and possible grandkids growing up with a government that follows our Constitution,as written, Not by some bastardization thereof, as its seems Mr Obama wants to. Mitt may not be the be all,end all candidate we would hope for, but he has got to be a better alternative than the pure BS we have had for four years.
Neither candidate support your wishes then. Both candidates have come out in support of the TSA, indefinite detention (ndaa & patriot act), wiretapping (ndaa & patriot act), improper operating procedures (executive orders & disregard for congressional approval needed to declare war.), neither are pro-gun rights(something that should be mandatory for a rep candidate), and both have spoken out in support of the central bank.
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