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EJ makes some good points for bench height. The standard for kitchen counters is 36". But a steak and a few vegtables don't sit up on landing gear either. Same with doing wood working cabinetry. The tools may lay flat but the project itself will typically stand up quite proud of the surface. Even a wing being built on a building board which lays on the counter will suddenly be a reach for a lot of us if the counter is already 36".

So if you're planning on using cheap or used kitchen lower cabinet and drawers it would be well worth considering cutting off the lower kick allowance and drop things down by 3 inches or so. And that applies to even someone like myself at just over 6'. Something I'll be doing for my own cabinetry now that it's been raised here.

Speaking of which for the spots that have kitchen style lower units I'd suggest primarily or all drawer units. Lower shelf cabinets are simply "black holes" with stuff at the back which requires you to get onto your knees. So stick with those being drawer only. Then include a couple of "pantry" like floor to ceiling shelf units for the heavy or bulky stuff.

I had to laugh at Matthew's "vertically challenged" comment
Would I be mistaken if my parentage was not called into question along with your healthy guffaw?

Hey, you should have gone for the medical first thing in the morning . I understand that it's quite normal to stretch by up to an inch while we sleep then compress down during the day as our spines are loaded up. I'm not sure how long it takes to drop back to "normal" though.
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