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Just tossing another hat in the ring for Hybrids... My wife has a 08 Camery Hybrid. The cost was halfway between a stripped 4 cylinder, and a loaded 6 cylinder. The Hybrid has a lot of amenities as standard, so to us there really was no premium.
It is old by today's standards for a hybrid so we only get around 42-43 summer, 38-39 winter (much more than the EPA) calculated at fill up which is darned close to what the computer tells us. Not too shabby for a mid-sized sedan of that vintage. We live in western PA with LOTS of hills. You can't really go anywhere without a large hill somewhere in your travels. Power wise it is no speedster, but it is no slouch (I've drive more modern 6 cylinder midsized rentals that have less omph, and LOT less mileage)
All in all we have been VERY happy with the car. It now has darned near 100K miles on it and maintenance has been ZERO. Nothing other than typical PM (Oil, tires) Still has the original brakes, and it was inspected not too long ago with a clean bill of health.
We really haven't calculated our savings as we didn't really pay a premium. And since we're not in the market for a new one just yet I can't say how the new ones compare, but I can't see them being "less".

I do like diesels, (we rented a mid sized VW diesel in England/Wales a few years back, and got in the mod 40s MPG, but it was hard to calculate as the odometer is in Imperial units, and we bought fuel in metric) but with diesel more than regular here, and they have a huge premium at purchase (from what I have seen), the hybrids just seem to make sense. Not giving up anything, but gaining a lot.
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