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Ok, my problem is the clock. Bad part, one too many hard knocks ( likely ) , who knows... but it's not functioning properly anymore.

Using avrdude I can resuscitate the board and play with all the menu's, but people who know more than I are telling me that the PWM timing will be hosed by this so it's not flight worthy. I will try resoldering or replacing the items, but at least I can point to a specific part that is failing now.

If you have a board that is malfunctioning you can see if the crystal is the culprit by using the following command. ( at least for my mac, other operating systems may be different )

./avrdude -C ./avrdude.conf -c usbasp -p m324pa -U lfuse:w:0xc2:m -F

and switch back to external crystal with

./avrdude -C ./avrdude.conf -c usbasp -p m324pa -U lfuse:w:0xd7:m -F

remember that this is for debugging only and the boards are not flight worthy with these settings.
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