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Originally Posted by modelflyerdave View Post
Thanks for your reply - You are obviuosly well into the electronics of these flight controllers then !, - As for me , well I`m just a good old electrics & programming sort of Guy ! - So even if I could make up a little external circuitry device, I would stillneed tot know where it would connect to on my Crius Se `std` board.

Anyway, I will keep the search going for a simple solution as dont like to be `beaten` by things, but of course, if there is no dedicated input point, where the direct voltage of ones flight battery, can be applied, for the measuring flight battery voltgages level - `then there aint` ! - & it could be simple as that perhaps?

However, I was begining to think the same about KK2 FCU, uintil some kind soul `out there` on the forums, put me right and now my KK2 reads my flight battery voltage to within tenths of a volt.

Anyway, once again, thanks for your input & replies.

So if you understand electronic (a voltage divider is mega basic), and the programming side too ... the multiwii board should make you happy

The input signal can h3 any analog input ... the cpu has 8 analogue input ... the hk board has A1, A2, A3 exposed ... and free if you use only a quadcopter .. or at lest 1 is free for a sixcopter ... additional pin are available A3 A6 A7 but require soldering a connector on the board ... A3 per HK picture is the designated battery monitor ... but it has no voltage dividers ... so it is as good as any othe A pin



The skema for battery divider is very simple

+battery - resistance 100k - pin A - resistance 10k - ground (battery)

This divide voltage by 11

So .. you can make something in the cable between battery and A pin of the board ... maybe using a balance plug connector ... just 1 line to the board
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