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Originally Posted by Dead View Post
Interesting idea.. Let us know how that works.
I wasn't expecting them to make that big of a difference on the 48s because I tried them two years ago on my original MXS. At the time I thought they made the plane tippy on the ailerons, but that's not the case at all. I must have really been off my game that day, but remember, that was right after a heart attack too. I was all messed up.

I gave them another chance after I saw what they did on the big MXS. I didn't like them on that plane because it tamed it down too much for my tastes. Still, they looked so awesome that I wanted to make them work, and I was hoping the effect would not be as pronounced on the 48s.

The most obvious change is the roll rate slows down. This is ok because I don't go around with the stick pegged over anyway, and it is still so fast that I can't keep up with it at full deflection for more than two or three rotations. Also, the timing changes on snap manuevers and pop tops become very lazy.

The improvement is in high speed stability. the tips seem to really lock the plane in and precision work is greatly improved. Slow and point rolls become much more solid and precise, especially now that I am getting used to using my low rate. KE flight seem unaffected and it seems that harrier and elevator maneuvers may be a little better, but it's not enough that it jumps out at you. Some of it may also be psychological too, which is why I am going to make this an extended test and leave them on my blue Extra for awhile.

KE spin changes a little. It will throw the tail over the nose about the same as before, but you have to be a little more careful on entry, and it doesn't just drop in effortlessly like it does without the tips.

When I flew the 60" Laser roll rate was way too fast for my comfort zone. I have been flying the Edge and not the Extra so this was new to me.
I had the advantage of getting my 60" Extra after Ducati Tim had flown his, and he warned me that the ailerons were super quick. I still ended up cutting them back, but have since gone back to about 33 degrees of travel, and it's pretty quick.

You can dial the throw out with your endpoints or rates,which is what I did in the beginning. Now I have my end points maxxed out (using the second largest Dubro arm and the second hole from the outside) and it's about pefect.

I've come to love the big Extra just the way it is and I wouldn't change it, but if you want to slow the roll a bit, the tips will definately do that. As precise and groovy as the big Extra already is, the tips ought to make it downright spookey smooth to fly.

I did like the tips on the big MXS, but it turned it into more of a 3D trainer, which is not what I wanted from an MXS. They sure look cool though, anhd they don't seem to make a difference on Daniel's plane. Imagine that!

I think the big Edge is so stable that the Extra is just a little different for you, and if you stick with it you'll adapt to it. However, turn the throw back until you are comfortable with it. That, or try the tips.

But it might be nice to be able to slow it down a bit....
ExtremeFlight probably has them in stock now. I can't imagine they could be cheap because the things are beautifully built. They are ribbed and sheeted, and then covered in genuine Ultrakote. It would take me a minimum of an hour to cover one of those things, and even then it wouldn't be half as good as those little old chinese ladies did with their giant clothing irons!


I'm taking the new Laser and my big Extra out later today. I'll try the big MXS tips on the Extra and report back later tonight.
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