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My Slow Stick is absolutely deadly. If it crashed into a car at full speed, about 35 mph, it could scratch paint, smudge the glass or maybe get pieces stuck in the tire treads when it was run over. But there is a small chance that with a moving car and a perfect right angle strike on the windshield that it might break a windshield, sort of like a golf ball or baseball.

The major damage is the 11" meat cleaver on the front of the thing with a 200W motor. That WOULD slice a leg to the bone with the thin APC 11x4.7 SF prop, or if I need to slice up some corned beef for my reuben sandwiches in a pinch. If one were inclined to test it, it's probably capable of severing a finger. I really don't want to know.

But just like you practice safety with your toaster by not sticking a knife into it to get your bread out, that doesn't mean that by cautioning your son not to stick a knife in there that you are some kind of member of "cotton-wool group-think." That stuff is just trolling, plain and simple and deserves our contempt.

Reasoned concern for safety is not anti-fun. It is not something worthy of being made fun of. It's a part of our lives every day. I used to manage news-carriers. When training them they would have a tendency to run stop signs. After all, it was 2:00 in the morning and nobody was out there. I'd ask them "what do you think you're doing?" and they'd give the troll's response of "heck I'm the only one out here, there's one chance in a thousand anybody is coming, lighten up!"

So I'd go through the math with them. "How many stop signs on your route? Let's pretend there's only ten. You're out here 365 days a year running ten stop signs a night, that's 3,650 signs in a year. You've totalled your car before four months are out. A one in a thousand chance is a statistical certainty that it will happen. Then you're outta business. You can't afford that."

The same applies to reasoned safety practices in RC. Sure, anything can be misused. But if misuse of proper safety procedures means that we shouldn't use any, then misuse of money means we shouldn't have any money, cheating spouses mean nobody should get married, one breakdown of a certain model car would mean that its production should be prohibited, one corrupt policeman should mean that we need to get rid of them all...... the troll goes on and on. It's worthy of ridicule. It's worthy of contempt. There is no truth there at all worth paying attention to.

This is equivalent to the guy who was banned for recommending that APC slow flier props be spinned at 20,000 RPM when the manufacturer publishes an upper limit of 6,000 RPM for safe operation on the packaging of each slow flier prop. I think continued advocacy of ignoring safety procedures and just flying is worthy of banning from RC Groups. It's that serious.
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