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[yes you are correct, carefull choice of components is most important, even if you use low powered video tx as example

my ipad is not easy to type with so i will try harder to be clear.

there are so many factors regarding fpv and how to be successful which makes giveing answers very hard unless there is specific question, like orrigional post about 1.5 wat 1.2 video tx.

It's when people come out with posts saying 1.5 wat video tx just mess with gear, I try to explain that is not the case or does not have to be if they set up plane well, but they would rather argue I am wrong.

and as you know it is possable to use one successfully if choices are made correctly

but in every case proper ground testing is a must not only for newbies but anyone regardless of experience.

It is important for beginners to choose as you mention wisely their fpv components. They as well as other experienced fpv pilots need to know 1.5 watt video is doable and works well. Actually better than say a 200 wat video tx.

It's when people come out with posts saying that 1.5 watt Txs don't work and mess with other components, is the problem. As they ask questions and should know the truth about the situation, rather than just fix a problem by only useing certain components that work because of low power.

Just like throwing high power to fix something throwing on a low power video tx to solve issues is wrong.

The whole idea is to choose proper fpv gear the first time that all works whether it be a high power video tx or low one.

Yes some people have derailed this thread unfortunately, and even post things nothing to do with fpv, they just are waste of post space.

Lets try to stay on topic and help each other out

QUOTE=Castel101;22969736]I am no one in the FPV world as I am just getting started but I think this thread is been derailed from its purpose.

David22, yes you can definitely make a 1.5W Video TX work with the rest of your components but as you have mentioned multiple times, it requires a CAREFUL selection of the other components that won't be affected by it, which you have gotten to know through years of experience and experiments... The title of the thread is: How to be successful in FPV - A guide for newcomers. This I read as people wanting to get into the hobby, wanting to get their feet wet, most likely with a limited budget since they don't know if they are going to like it and wanting to get the gear that will most likely make them successful.

I believe Alex's advice is a good one to follow, it's simply physics that you can't argue against. You make informed decisions based on the theory and take it from there. The high power VTX can work but you are giving this advice to beginners? How about the other careful selection of components, should they choose your exact ones? Are those also within a starters budget? I doubt a beginner can do a "proper" plane setup right off the bat as you describe and I doubt a "newcomer" should shoot for long range and deep penetration as the 1.5W might give. They are most likely to succeed and start exploring with a lower power setup that can also give them great range and avoid possible issues. If this was a long range or VTX options thread I think the 1.5W advice would be a good one to discuss.

Just my opinion though...[/QUOTE]
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