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Originally Posted by Norm62 View Post
Got mine put together last evening and hope to maiden friday. Just figured I'd mention a few tips from my experience that might help someone...

- I cut out the spaces in between the engine cylinders at the bottom of the cowl to get more airflow in the ESC channel. I used a black marker to blackout the white foam behind it. It looks fine and should help with cooling.
- Electric tape the connections between ESC and motor and double check motor mount screws for snugness.
- I'm wondering about the problems some are having with their ESC's... After I bound the receivers to the radio, and checked everything, all seemed fine. However, when I went to turn it back on later, I got nothing. I found that when I messed with the connection between the ESC and the battery, that the power would come on and shut down intermittently. It feels like the deans style plug that they put on the ESC fits very loosely into my battery plugs. The solder joints are fine, so I adjusted the springs (?) on the blades of the plug to tighten them up and that seems to have worked, but I don't trust it. I'm going to change that plug before maiden. I wonder if the problems others are having might be related to the same thing. Anyway, it's something everyone should check on before flying.
- Don't put on the bottom wing until you connect and adjust the elevator and rudder with the power on and servos centered. My linkages were way off. I had to disconnect the servo arms and pull the rods forward to get to the collar that holds the elevator rods together. That got them close, then I tweaked them on the tail end. Also, the clevis on the rod for the rudder horn was completely stripped out. I had another on hand, so no real biggie, but I suggest giving them a good tug to make sure they're holding tight on the threaded ends of the push rods.
-Definitely do as someone else in this thread suggested and attach the supports to the top wing first (before trying to attach to lower wing and fuse). If you have fat fingers, installing those tiny nuts on those tiny screws is going to drive you mad! In hindsight, laying them flat on one of those little telescoping magnets for picking up dropped screws would have helped to at least get them started on the screw. I put them on a finger tip and put a drop of loctite on each one before tightening them. A real pain, but done. Hopefully, they stay put.
- BTW, loctite the set screw in the collar that holds the 2 elevator rods together while you have access to it and also loctite the one on the collar that holds in the rear wheel.

It looks great and I'm looking forward to the maiden!

I changed all those little screws and nuts to 3mm!
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