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Why the dirt on the wings?
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Originally Posted by arcticflyer View Post
Mopar - That plug came from a roll of tow that was given to me (like to know what the roll is worth). The leading edge of the wing (where it meets the Fuz) got pretty banged up in that failure to launch. There was some lamination seperation and the one small hole. Since I could not look inside and see the total extent of the damage...decided on a little over kill. The leading edge of these hollow molded things is....hollow...there is no solid piece of wood or carbon rod in there it is just the seam where the two skins meet are pressed together and glued.

That plug in the picture was saturated with epoxy then pushed through the lower hole to the upper one. Pushed from the upper hole across the leading edge till the whole plug was inside. Then evened it out by pushing back from the other direction. Epoxy was then dumped in the middle hole till it filled that whole area and let er cure.

So long story short there is a solid carbon rod now in the leading edge of the wing in the area where it meets the Fuz. So on the next failure to launch the wing won't break the Fuz probably will.
Thanx Arctic !!
I understand now.
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