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Sorry to hear about the Stang. Did you put it on a watt meter before hand to see what it was drawing power wise? I bet if you had stepped down in prop size you would have been fine.

Anyone know the max amps the stock P-51 motor is good for?


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Well, I pushed the Mustang to its limit today by running a 5 amp 5S battery in it. I had about three minutes wonderful performance before hearing a screech and losing power. I burned out the motor. Should have eased off on the prop size with the higher voltage battery. Oh well, time for a new motor. What's it gonna be?

Also got in seven flights with the Bucker Jungmann as the sun was setting. Worked on perfecting my landing technique. I bring her in, flare gently close to the ground and hold her there in a three-point attitude until the speed bleeds off very close to stall. After that a gentle touchdown and short rollout. The sound unit really completes the impression of a real plane coming in to land.


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