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Originally Posted by C₄H₁₀ View Post
Phil's test data collection is solid gold. Anyone who says it's anything else is either blindly ignorant or is fooling themselves. The difference between his collected data and the multitude of calculators out there is... REAL-WORLD TEST DATA. It's actual empirical information taken straight from his test stand regarding a staggering number of motors and props, each at a wide range of voltage inputs.
100% agree with a small nit-pick. There are a couple of calculators that are built on REAL-WORLD TEST DATA. You gotta capitalize that because it's the gold standard. Diameter and pitch tell a fraction of the story for a prop and we find thread after thread talking like that's all you need to know. The test data shows it's maybe half the story.

Drive Calculator and MotoCalc are two calculators that get their results from extensive databases of real world test data. Drive Calculator is absolutely free and one of the major contributors to its database is none other than Dr Kiwi. Knowing his concern for accuracy and seeing his evil mad scientist laboratory of motor torture, I know he wouldn't contribute to a worthless program. That is why I downloaded and used Drive Calculator when designing the power system to my Slow Stick. It was dead on. I would not have had the confidence to order components unused in any Slow Stick on record without having spent ten minutes on Drive Calculator to get the recommendations.

Okay, here's part of Dr Kiwi's evil laboratory of Doom and Pepsi-Cola. You can see that he doesn't have more than $20 invested in this thing (times 20 maybe) and that any modeler can duplicate his results on the cheap.

Remember this is only a small part of the laboratory and he has $5 or $9 (times 50) more stuff lying around outside the photo.
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