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Here is a summary of my starting setup, based roughly on what Boagy & Joe measured from JW Supra Pro in 2011 (any deviations you can blame on me...). My towhook could go back some, sure JW was further back.

CG 103mm behind LE

Towhook position a little rear of central in slot

All throws linear


Elev throws +/- 11mm at TE with neutral approx 38mm above top of boom
Rudder throws +/- 50mm at TE
Aileron->flap mix about 50% at dihedral break, all modes (before setting diff)
Elev->flap/aileron mix about +/-7mm at wing CL, for full elev throws


Speed mode: lower surfaces approx tangential across hinge line
Cruise mode: upper surfaces approx tangential across hinge line
Thermal mode: about another +2mm at CL
Launch mode: +10mm at CL (relative to cruise). Slightly less than a match at dihedral break

All modes: more camber travel on slider, about +/-3mm (+ elevator trim mix)


Approx +/-13mm at dihedral break in all modes, but as modified by differential

Speed mode: almost no differential

Thermal mode: Enough differential that down-going aileron matches
flap TE deflection at break (so as not to stall inner wing tip with
adverse aileron when circling)

Cruise mode: differential halfway between speed and thermal

Launch mode: 100% differential (no downwards deflection)


Approx +/- 10mm rudder throw with max aileron throw, less in thermal
(because more differential used)

Landing and launch mode: 100% aileron->rudder

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