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Originally Posted by JohnnyMc View Post
Its like a 450 bike running supercross and they only get up to 2nd gear. With a 6000kv on that track I doubt you will ever see all that speed used. Its overkill. You put in something like a 4500 or 4800 and you will use more of the power where it matters. You should read the old thread from the guys discussing the Schumacher M5 Anderson race on that grass track over there. I think the guy on the fastest orange bike mentioned his high kv motor was overkill.

Btw, I looked into that dxr slipper for my dx450. When I looked at pictures of the dxr race bike, the shaft used looked like it was designed differently, maybe shorter or the inner shaft grooves for e-clips didnt look right. I wanted to do it, but I passed. I will be curious what you find out if you do the mod.
Maybe it's overkill, but now you mentioned it, that and the Alpen cup threads need re reading...
I'll order the DXR clutch regardless. You never know what can be brewed up.

Originally Posted by Jimob23 View Post
] If you are interested I have the details of someone in UK who has made a mould of the body and mudgard where he is able to produce a GRP body set with a layer of kevlar mat bonded into the tail mudguard section .
I have tried one where you can actually pick up the entire bike by the tail section with no sign of flexing so should be able handle the odd wheelie no problem
He can colour the gel coat in any of the standard Anderson colours
Slightly heaver than original but feels more robust
Send me a pm. It's either that or I'm looking for piano wire to fix a 'drag' bar.

Originally Posted by Andy2No View Post
Does anyone have a picture of that?
If I can crawl to the shed to get things done then piccies later. Just got to get rid of back pain first. <Grrrr!>
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