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V2.0 piloting tip re: flt. in small places indoors

When flying slowly in high-tail position [I usually use notch 4 in my small livingroom], because of the V2.0's rapid authoritative steering, when I have to make a sudden bank-angle change while circling in my livingroom, I find I often need to quickly follow with a slight manual correction in the opposite direction to resume the same general flt. pattern. [having to make extremely precise livingroom circling (amidst my bird's, Avitron's and gentle non-blower convection-heating wind currents & turbulence), piloting from outside the circle, with NO room for error, I find it surest, quickest & easiest to tell myself to make such sudden corrections in the "inside" or "outside" (of circle) direction, instead of L/R. And of course this works in both clockwise and counter.clockwise circling].

However, for "normal" [not sudden] steering, the V2.0 controls are so precise & responsive that I just gently steer by actually flying it, smoothly guiding like a seasoned commercial airline pilot. And of course flying faster outside and in larger spaces the above is a total non-issue!


P.S. The V2.0 can (has!) actually make figure-8's in my livingroom .... but it is tight and a bit risky andI do want to keep this little jewel for a long time.
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