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Originally Posted by rexless View Post
Well after over 30 days waiting for the slow boat from China to arrive, my 1000mah 3s battery arrived today. So, I soldered an adapter together and hooked it up to my the ESC for my EH200 - mounted the Walkera #4 blades and did some tests. First test - spinning up to about 75% throttle was fine. The power was amazing but something strange happened after 75% - the blades lost their strength and started to twist and flap resulting in a massive drop in thrust. So I figured with me sitting there holding down the helicopter sure but what about outside flying? It's dark so I took it out front of my house and flew around a bit over the pavement. Again, things seemed pretty smooth up to about 75% throttle. When I climbed much past that (had to do it quick due to a small space) the blades had destabilized and the F45 came flying at my head. I ducked and it smashed nicely into a rock wall. The blades shattered and the flybar was bent a little but otherwise no damage. Since the blades couldn't handle the motor and the flybar bent back easily I would say it was no big deal but a great lesson. Mostly it was hilarious!

So now I'll have to fly stock blades until I try the ones Brent suggested in the first place.
While you're ordering stuff, oldoz suggested a 9 tooth pinion, blade part number BLH1609. I would get one of those as well. It will slow things down just a little and will give you more spread and feel on the throttle. I am going to pick one up as well.
Be carefully with the stock blades. They will flutter as well at high speed.
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