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Originally Posted by LoneWolfRC View Post
my take on this is under load, the measured voltage will be much less than after you land.I set my alarm to 3.3 and 3.4 volts per cell, but would get alarms way earlier than necessy. I have since disabled this alarm, and instead fly my normal times and check the voltage after I land.
On most if not all of my setups I set my alarm at 3.4v and when I start getting alarms at full throttle (never early in flight) I know it's getting almost time to consider landing but I still keep flying. When my alarm triggers near mid stick then I land when convinient.

Every single time my pack resting voltage is EXACTLY where I want it to be and that is what is important.

Like the above member mentioned, I too won't get into it that much but if my alarm set at 3.4v per cell was being triggered at the start of the flight, I would surely be looking into the power source of my setup.
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