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Originally Posted by Stevies View Post

As you say I could do with spending more time working on the stairs rather than using a cube but I'd need someone to explain alpha masking!
I have made two experiments.
1. I have constructed a cubemap using your six cubeface images
The following steps are necessary if GIMP is used and not Ps.

The files should be reanamed as, " main surface (positive x).dds "
and so on.
The Phoenix numbering and this matches if:
1 > +x
2 > + z
3 > -x
4 > - z
5 > + y
6 > -y

This can be seen at creator "Pano" window as well.

The + y and -y (top, bottom) should be rotated by 180 degree,
other four mirrored around the vertical axis.

Those should be imported by the GIMP or (Ps) first the - z,
then the other five as new layer , finally the + x.

It should be exported or saved as : "Cube map" compressed or not is your decision.

Now if you compare that one which was made for you by Harald, and this should be identical, six layer image, order is the same.

2. I beleive that the staircase should be made from cubes and cylinders, such a way that the collisons should happen correcetly, not all components are needed.

One skyline and an alpha masked cubeface will present a proper view if the model is inside the staircase somewhere .
It is a good exercise.

See just one example how it should look like.
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