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I am glad that FMS is stepping up .
So far my experience with CMP ( China model products ) has been great , FMS Thru Phillipi has been great and LX direct communication has been humorous at best !
When visiting China I bought the original 1400 corsair from Phillipi direct .
The stabilizer was totally warped and non-fixable by standard methods .
I got back to the states discovered it and Phillip got the part from FMS and replaced it free of charge .
With CMP Jackie is first class and understands the hobby and the complexity of models .They are now more focused on making models for others more so then there own brand but none the less a good producer with good value .
I hope this incident with FMS is a wake up call to them and all of us not to take arfs on face value .
My simple point is take everyone around you with greater importance then the value of the plane your flying and it will make you change, mod , reinforce and double check your model before you fly .
When contacting LX and the USA distributor on simple constructive concerns on flying a 79" plane spinning a 18" prop- with 9 grams servos , your comments are looked upon as negative. Yes the plane is successful out of the box but why take a chance , it's not the norm and 90% of us would not build it that way if we build it as a traditional kit .
So use the rule of thumb , would I build it that way ? If not fix it , for the sake of others , especially with the flexing seen in some of the videos online in the wings , way beyond normal expectations on a 65" plus model !
All we need is for innocent bystander to get hurt and the AMA will change the rules on ARFs , the media will jump in , and the game will change in addition to the resulting tragedy of hurting someone .
I think FMS is the gold standard in epo models but none the less the 65" and larger formats are new ground for them as seen in the P51 and its need for wing reinforcement.
No soap box preaching , sincerely take care and caution in rushing your maiden flight and don't let your excitement overrule safety when doing a preflight check .
It's better to go to the field with your plane with the intent to taxi and test first , then fly !
Ldm is online now Find More Posts by Ldm
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