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Originally Posted by RCdude7478 View Post
Hi guys just bought a turn key bipe with receiver installed..
I dialed my Futaba 10C module to the frequency number marked on the outside of the plane hoping.. "Wa Laa" communication !
Well, nothing happened. So I pulled out the buried receiver which was nicely tucked away ..
Out of the airplane, and in fact I did have the correct frequency number, but then I noticed a sticker that said JR..
on the receiver... I thought Hitec was always negative shift.. So, I guess I'm out of luck huh ?
So much for a quick dial and fly.. Is there any way to get this to program ?
Or, am I going to be listing it in the classifieds here for trade for a negative shift ? Thanks from the Dude ...
Hitec and Futaba 27<41Mhz receivers are fully interchangeable except for the proprietary PCM/QPCM types.
However, 72Mhz is different in that two different "shifts" are used, so Hitec also produced some receivers
with positive shift for use with JR & Sanwa (aka Airtronics) Transmitters, labelled accordingly..
About 10 years ago, Hitec changed to "Auto Shift" receivers so one covered both types of transmission.
. Negative and/or positive shift in Transmitters and Receivers - 101 re Differences

Some old units could be changed, e.g. as shown
. Hitec - Supreme Receivers - History, Manuals & FAQ - .pdf
otherwise cheaper to buy a new receiver.

Alternatively, fit a DIY signal inverter.
. Futaba - Signal Inverter. Change from Negative Shift to Positive Shift for use with that Rx.

If model number of receiver had been advised, a more precise response could have been given.

Much more under sub section
"Radio Systems, Accessories, Alterations and FAQ" at
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links

Alan T.
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