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So is a veneered FOAM wing with balsa LE and TE a "traditional build" or that awful new-fangled "foamie building" ?

And if I replace the strip planked turtledeck on my otherwise balsa build with one carved from blue foam (easier and lighter) will I be thrown out of the "Balsa and Ply builders" forum ?

Such discussions would be hilarious if there weren't so many people obviously taking them very very seriously .

The way to encourage more building is to celebrate all model building no matter what materials are used. Surely it's the starting from nothing and ending up with an aircraft that's important ?

Separating builders into smaller and smaller groups so they end up only talking to people who already think and do exactly like them just encourages sniping over the walls at anyone "daring" to be different. It's not exactly helping the overall cause .

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